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What is Punjab Youth Internship Program(PYIP)?Top

The Punjab Youth Internship Program is initiated for the educated but unemployed youth, who have completed 16 years of education from an HEC recognized institution. The program aims to provide practical experience and temporary financial relief to unemployed and educated youth. This program will involve them in receiving additional knowledge and real work experience, thereby enhancing their expertise.
What is the eligibility criterion for selection in the program?Top

The program is for all the unemployed postgraduates & graduates who have completed 16 years of education from HEC recognized institutions, including the external candidates. The maximum age limit for the internship is 30 years and the candidate should have passed his/her exams in 2011 or 2012. The candidate should not have availed the opportunity under PYIP before.
How can I apply for the internship and what is the more efficient mode of application?Top

Candidates will apply only on line through website (rozee.pk). The on-line application is preferable because it will facilitate prompt processing of applications, placement and quick response. However, candidates who do not have computer access can apply through hard copy and send it to the postal address. They are required to send the hard copy of the form available in the advertisement.
What are the monetary and non-monetary benefits of the internship under the program?Top

The interns will be given a monthly stipend of Rupees 10,000 during the period of their placement, subject to reasonable performance, after being verified from the recipient organizations. Interns shall not be given any other monetary or non-monetary/fringe benefits during the term of their internship.
Are there any other benefits of the internship in terms of future employment prospects?Top

Due to functional similarity of the placement with the intern's academic credentials, the intern will be able to receive relevant experience that will enhance the employability and professional exposure. The skills and the experience gained will help in acquiring the right job and will add to the professional knowledge of the intern.
If I successfully complete internship, will I be given any certificate?Top

All interns who will successfully complete the internship will be awarded the internship completion certificate by the respective private/government organization.
Will my preference for placement in a certain department or location as intern be considered?Top

The interns will be placed in the departments of government/private organizations which will have functional similarity to the educational background of the intern. The geographical preference will also be considered as long as it is workable. However; the final decision on both issues will be of the competent authority, which will be binding on all interns.
In case, one leaves the internship before Three Months, will there be any penalty or any other implication?Top

There will be no penalty, if the reason for leaving the internship is appropriately communicated to the respective organization. However, the payment of stipend will be ceased from the date the intern may have left the placement. Moreover, no internship completion certificate will be given to the interns who will not complete the full term of internship.
Is it possible to seek transfer of placement as intern from one department/location to another?Top

Interns will not get any transfer from the designated department/organization and will have to complete their internship duration in the assigned department of the respective organization.
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