Civic Sense & Responsibility

Civic Sense

The term civic sense is composed of two words “Civic” and “Sense”. Civic means city or town, and the word sense means awareness about something.
Civic sense is a consideration for the norms of society. It includes respect for the law and for the ease and feelings of others and maintaining etiquettes while dealing and interacting with others.

Civic Responsibility

Civic duties are responsibilities of the citizens towards the state. These are the duties that need to be fulfilled in order to keep a society moving forward towards the betterment of all. Civic sense is all about having consideration for a fellow human being while living in a civilized society such as:

  • Smoking only at designated places
  • Being Polite
  • Showing consideration to the elderly, women, children and disabled people
  • Driving in one’s lane without honking
  • Throwing one’s garbage in dustbins

What we should do or dont?


  • Save water
  • Plant more trees
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Obey rules while you are being observed or not
  • Parking on right place
  • Stop or report water leakage
  • Respecting one another
  • Help fellow human beings in times of difficulty
  • Respect elders specially the old age people on buses, banks and other places
  • Respect for minorities
  • Use the public facilities with utmost care
  • Keep the environment clean
  • Switch off electric appliances where not required


  • No smoking on public places
  • Do not spit on roads, streets and public places
  • Do not play loud music
  • Do not use pressure horn
  • Do not throw garbage on road
  • No wall chalking